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Congratulations, Washington

A lot of people thought that when the Expos moved to Washington, D.C., they would be able to turn things around. Baseball was ‘back’ in the District and that was great. Well, it’s a step up from playing your games overseas because no one at home cares. Unfortunately, it does not produce the W. I no longer subscribe to MLB.TV, (because I have no money and, even more importantly, no bandwidth at school,) so I can only catch a game on the rare occasion that one is on TV and I have a chance to step in. Which isn’t often. And that’s how I ended up watching Nationals v. Braves last night. As far as baseball games go, this one was not spectacular. Summary: 8th inning, Smoltz is still in a 0-0 game with runners on the corners. Belliard singles to right field to bring home a run, and the Nationals went nuts. Ryan Church, in the dugout, yelled, "we got ahead, finally!" Sadly enough, he wasn’t referring to just this game. This was the first time in 61 innings that the Nationals had held a lead. And so the team freaked out. Not wanting to jinx their ‘rally’ they returned to their previously occupied positions on the bench. Another single by Zimmerman brought in yet another runner, 2-0 Nationals. Go team!

Technically, this was the Nationals first in-game lead of the year. Their only previous lead this season was a walk-off, game winning single by Dmitri Young. So that Nationals weren’t really ahead in that game, technically speaking. But enough of how bad this team is. Starter Jason Bergmann went 6 innings, walking four and giving up just one hit while striking out eight. Remarkable, because in his last outing he gave up six walks in 3.2 innings. Bergmann explained his sudden improvement by recalling a "nice chat" he had with GM Jim Bowden, in which he told him that he was disappointed in him, but behind him 100%. Jason decided that walks, "are just not fun," and that’s our story. Didn’t anyone ever take this kid aside in A-ball and tell him to stop giving the other team free bases? Well, this is the Nationals organization for you. They’re so bad, it’s even hard to make fun of them. This should be a good year for cracking at the cellar dwellers. We’ve got the Royals, Marlins, Devil Rays, Nationals, Cubs, Pirates… is it just me, or are the bad teams multiplying?

Thanks for the comment geoff, good to see someone is back… as of now we’re still a few years out on the medical degree. Alright. I’m running home for a day to take care of the taxes. Amazingly, there are too many distractions here at school for me to sit down and just get them done. And, of course, we’re getting up against it. See you guys in a day or two.

"I saved a life – my own. Does that make me a hero? I really can’t say… but yes."
-Michael Scott


Nats owner news, Royals, Mariners, and big news

We all know the Nationals have a new owner now. What we didn’t know is that this makes them a better baseball team. Well, at least ESPN’s Tim Kurkijan thinks so. Actually, don’t read that article. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m serious. I’ve never read anything so BS in my life. Here are some quality excerpts:

Our long Nationals nightmare is over…now the team can start moving forward… The Nationals can begin to operate like a realmajor league team… The team has struggled this year, and attendance is down slightly, mainly because it was a rudderless team that
hasn’t gotten the support it needs from MLB, or the city… The first year and one month of existence for the Nationals was just practice. Now, the franchise officially begins… All the Nats needed was an owner. And now, finally, they have one.

No. The Nationals nightmare is not ever, and the team still isn’t going anywhere. The reason they’ve been so bad this season is not because they didn’t have an owner, it’s because they’re a flat-out bad team. The players don’t put up good enough numbers to win games. Don’t try to tell me that they went out there last year under the impression that they were playing 162 exhibition games. This team stinks, no two ways about it. If having an owner makes you a championship-caliber team, there would be (theoretically) 30 teams with .500 records at the end of the year. Tim also cites RFK stadium as being a "significant disadvantage" for the Nationals. Why is that? When the Nationals come up to bat, do they push the fences back 20 feet, only to move them back in when the opposing team steps up to the plate? Do you really think the Nationals are gonna go and set the world on fire now that they’ve got an owner? Heck no. Sure, firing Jim Bowden will make your team better, no doubt. But again, too little too late. Remember, call your shot in the Jim Bowden firing pool – so far, Jason has dibs on June 19th.

The Royals are still bad, and now they’re "your team"
The Nationals still have a shot at saving this season, but the Royals do not. By the way, they lost again last night. They’re now 5-20. As I said before, but how can you be that bad? Imagine taking the field five times and walking away with one win. The Royals also have a new slogan – "Your team. Your town." Of all the bad baseball slogans, that’s probably the worst. First off, that doesn’t tell me anything. Second – if I lived in Kansas City, that’s exactly the kind of thing that would make me want to move to, say, St. Louis. I’m guessing the average K.C. citizen had these thoughts upon seeing that slogan:

Just because I live in K.C., I have to be associated with the Royals? What will my friends think of me? Will I still be able to get a job? Will I be able to take out a loan? Rent a car? Vote?

Hearing that the Kansas City Royals are "your team" has got to feel a lot like getting hit in the forehead with a ton of bricks; pain so severe and hideous that you just black out. And of course, whenever I mention the Royals I need to mention PFC Mark Grudzielanek. Whatever General is heading up Mark’s War needs to develop a new battle plan. The current strategy isn’t working. Reports from the front indicate that the army is retreating, blowing up every bridge behind them, and that soldiers are deserting en masse. Doesn’t look good. If you don’t know why I continue to refer to the Royal’s season as a military campaign, wait until the "What you missed" post, coming up tonight or tomorrow. Or hunt the reference down here.

Everyday Eddie out of the closing role; Mariners still bad
Well, you didn’t need a crystal ball to see this coming. The Mariners have finally put Eddie out his misery, removing him from the closer role. Who’s the new closer? The best arm in the game, closer-by-committee. If you don’t know what this is, see Dusty Baker’s explanation. I’ll say the same thing here as I did when someone drafted Eddie as the #86 pick in my pay league draft this year – two picks in front of Thome, no less: "You can’t go wrong with Everyday Eddie. Wait… that was 2002." His career stats are misleading as well. For example, in 2004 he had just a 2.78 ERA. However, he blew 7 saves out of 25 total opportunities. If you’re the Mariners and you’re struggling to stay one step ahead of the Royals, you really can’t afford those kinds of losses. Then again, if you’re going to run an organization based on sound logic like that, you wouldn’t give a guy like Adrian Beltre $64 million for 5 years. Beltre’s 2004 fluke with the Dodgers was probably the most standout anomaly in the world. Of course, 2004 was Adrian’s contract year, so after he went wild he jumped ship and signed with Seattle. For the following statistical analysis, we’re going to look at Beltre’s stats for 2004 compared to his average stats from 1999-2003 and 2005, when he played full-time. I present the following visual aid:
Beltrebust2_2 Note that the difference between the slugging and batting averages is diluted because of the scale; they are .443/.629 and .265/.334. As shown, Seattle is probably very angry with Adrian. Now, Adrian didn’t just fall from the sky in 2004. LA had been waiting for him to develop for some time. But after he went wild in 2004, did they try to re-sign him? I’ll give you a hint – the Dodgers are in the NL West. Remember the old 7-man batting order trick? Anyway, you’re probably asking – how can I jump on Seattle for signing him, yet jump on LA for not trying to sign him? Well, that’s a good point. But if you’re the Dodgers and you think you’ve got the sell-high candidate of the century and you’re convinced that he had a fluke of a year, so you don’t want to give him the money that you know he doesn’t deserve, you don’t just let him walk away. You test out the market and see if you can move him. If you think you can, you resign him and flip him away. If you didn’t think he had a fluke of a year, you shell out the cash to better your team. Beltre is currently hitting .202 in Seattle, with 1 HR and 6 RBI in 104 AB’s.

Tigers lose; Leyland’s clothing at fault
Remember when I talked about superstitions? I said that although Steve Finley’s magic bag doesn’t make him a better hitter, he thinks it does, so it does. Looks like Jim Leyland just developed a real good superstition. One that’s gonna make him a really popular guy whenever the Tigers are winning. Leyland had been wearing the same clothes since the Tigers began their 6-game winning streak. However, when the Tigers played the Angels today at home, Leyland had to change because he "looked like a hobo," and the team is about to go on a road trip. Well, the Tigers lost this afternoon, 7-2. Good job, skip. The team is now 19-10. So we’re still above .500, which is Detroit’s benchmark for success. If the Tigers had won today, it would have been their first 7-game winning streak since 1993. I was in elementary school then.

Quick notes
Jose Contreras has won 13 straight… I have nothing. San Diego is currently on a four-game win streak, dating back to last Sunday’s miracle win over the Dodgers. I suggest you read that, because it’s unbelievable. Let’s just say the World’s Worst Offense came back from being down 5-0 in the bottom of the 9th. On a related note, of the six division leaders, the two worst records belong to – guess – the AL and NL West. No way. Texas and Colorado both have 16 wins and 12 losses. If another 82-80 team goes to the playoffs, it’s Game Over. BPS agrees, as we’ll see soon. Check out the solution to this problem that I wrote a few days ago. By the way, that’s probably the 80th time I’ve made a post saying that the Padres and NL West are bad.

Comments and Notes
BHGM got some serious run on BPS today. Thanks Geoff.

I sauntered over to our boy Reid’s blog a few days back
and read one of his many posts bashing the Padres and the NL West [found here]. The BPS had consistently come down
pretty hard on the Pads and their whole miserable, rotting, wasteland
division. And you have to understand, Reid is the type of dude who asks
for his readers to throw him some questions, and then he proceeds to
hammer out an elaborate discourse on whatever it is they come back
with. Why? Because, as I commented on his blog a few days ago, he is
the Original Dedicated Baseball Monster. The ODBM. My question to him
(just to see what he would do with it) was what MLB can do about
wretched, barely-.500 teams like the Pads from ever making the playoffs again. Take a look
at what the kid wrote.
Great stuff. I have no idea how long it took him, but I know these
things don’t take fifteen minutes. The ODBM, a dedicated monster.

I would have paraphrased that (and I did take out a few words), but then you wouldn’t be getting the full effect. It took me about an hour and a half. But that’s really not that bad, because I spent the rest of the day – no joke – in class, from 8a-3.30p. Made that post at 5.45p. See how it goes? As for the next 5 days at BHGM, leading up to May 10th, when I go home – we’ll either be seeing a lot of posts or a little. I’m not sure how hard I’ll be studying for finals, (one on Saturday, Monday, and two on Wednesday.) However, the "What you missed" post is on it’s way. BHGM has picked up a lot of new readers in the past couple weeks, and they’re probably pretty confused when they read things like the account of Mark’s War found above. I’ve already made the list and I’m currently writing it out. It might even get out tonight. It should be good for a lot of laughs. As for the comments – your June 19th bid has been recorded, Jason. Thanks for the submission. If anyone else wants to enter the BHGM "Call Jim Bowden’s Shot in the Unemployment Line" Contest, drop me an email or leave a comment anywhere. There will be a prize. I haven’t decided what yet. See you guys later tonight.

This Just In: The Nats have an owner!

Hooray! Seems like Bud’s jig is up – it turns out that the Lerner’s won the team after all, at a price of $450 million. This is more than shocking after last week’s debacle, when another ownership group ‘accused’ Bud of having selected the Lerner’s already, precipitating a day of denials and false promises of interviews with personalities like Ken Griffey Jr.

So that’s right: the Nationals have an owner. Lerner and Co. Now we can start calling Jim Bowden’s shot in the unemployment pool. In your comment, tell me when day you think Jimmy will be fired (yes, you can guess ‘today.’) But keep in mind that Lerner won’t assume operation of the franchise until "mid-June." Whether or not that means he still has fire/hire control, I have no idea. Probably not. So you can start your guesses at the "mid-June" date of June 15th. The winner gets a prize.

There is also a huge scuffle within The District, as some people with power are saying that Lerner’s group didn’t do enough to include minority investors. On the other hand, the two other groups in the front running for the team, the Smulyan and Malek-Zients syndicate, included many minorities and consistently lobbied DC officials – while Lerner’s group hung around Bud and kept quiet around everyone else. So for all you MLB Team Owners-to-be, next time you’re trying to win a team – remember to talk to Bud. But I don’t really care, it’s irrelevant anyway. Have you heard anything about the potential baseball-related ownership policies yet? No. It seems everyone has forgotten that they’re buying a baseball team here. Again, we’re talking Royals and Nationals here. You just went from really bad to really bad with an owner. Great, any of the DC Fans that do exist have one more group of people to blame for their team’s failures.

Hopefully this won’t be like the day MLB announced they were moving the franchise to DC. That went something like,

DC: "Great, we’re glad to have you. You’re paying for the stadium, right?"
MLB: "Uh, no… you are."
DC: "Well, we can’t, you’ll have to, especially since the team you gave us has no owner. You’re still coming, right?"
MLB: "Uh, no."

Thankfully, some person in power stepped in at the 59th minute of the 11th hour to salvage the deal, and now they’re doing the whole groundbreaking tomorrow. With the new owner. Well, have a nice day, and remember to call Jimmy’s shot.

Happy Birthdays and Nationals ‘War’

First off, Happy Birthday to BHGM (1 year old tomorrow,) and my Mother (not telling.) I’ve got a great Mom who supports most of the stuff I do. But she thinks I’m wasting my money on anything baseball related. Oh well. In the next week or so I’m hoping to put up a post that will highlight the last year’s worth of blogging here on BHGM, so look for that soon. It should be pretty funny.

Do the Nationals have an owner yet? Well, no. Now, here is where it gets confusing, which is actually normal when you’re talking about the Nationals. See, on Wednesday, rumors were circulating that MLB was about to name a new owner. The rumors were apparently started by Jeffrey Smulyan’s "people." Smulyan is one of the three groups expected to receive the bid. The other two groups in contention are the family of Theodore Lerner, and a "syndicate" led by Fred Malek and Jeffrey Zients. Anyway, on Wednesday, (or was it Tuesday?) Smulyan’s people were telling everyone that the Lerner’s had just won the bid.

And this is where it gets really, really weird. See, Smulyan’s "people" were all over it too; according to one reporter, Smulyan’s "people" called him and told him that Ken Griffey Jr. would like to meet with him at RFK Stadium (where the Reds were playing the Nats,) and talk to about Smulyan as an owner, since he owned the Mariners when Griffey played there. Now, forget for a minute that Smulyan’s ownership tactics are absolutely irrelevant, and that it really doesn’t matter what Ken Griffey Jr. thinks about them anyway. In any case, Griffey never showed, and so the reporter asks one of the club’s PR managers where he is. Of course, he replies that Griffey is rehabbing a knee injury back in Cincinnati. So Smulyan’s people say that Griffey will call this reporter in the afternoon, but the call never came. Meanwhile, Smulyan himself is denying the reports, as are Selig and Bob Dupuy, MLB President.

But here’s where we climb deeper into the rabbit hole. Now, Bud Selig is saying that they are close to selecting an owner. In fact, the owner will be present at Thursday’s groundbreaking for the new Stadium that the city is building for the Nationals. Now I realize that you can deny that you’ve selected an owner, yet say that you’re close to doing so without bending any laws of logic. However, isn’t it just weird – not stupid, and not crazy – that a day after a story breaks saying they’ve found a new owner, MLB says they’re close to finding an owner after spending the entire previous day denying it? But whatever, that can be justified, even if the reasoning is standing on very shaky ground.

What can’t be justified is the $450 million price tag for the team. Yeah. Apparently, eight groups are asking MLB if they’ll take $450 million off their hands in exchange for the Washington Nationals. This is what’s really crazy. Ever see a house on your block for sale, and you decide you’ll check it out at the open house just to see what it’s like? You’re thinking, ‘compared to my house, this thing is probably worth $150,000.’ Then you see the owners are asking $300,000. And then the house sells in its third day on the market. You pretty much feel like you’re the only sane person left in the world. This is how I feel about the Nationals. Now, don’t get me wrong – like any real baseball fan, my dream is to own a baseball team. But not the Nationals. No one is going to the games anymore, they’re not winning games anymore, and their general manager has all but demolished the team. In short, off all the bad teams in the league, (with the possible exception of the Royals and Pirates,) they probably have the smallest upside. Oh yeah, and the oft-hated Padres. And you’re gonna give up money – almost half a million, no less – to get in on that?

Whatever. These guys must have made their money somehow, so they must know what they’re doing. They can probably pull an Angels marketing trick, (lest we forget that the name change was intended to make LA fans feel more included and draw them away from the stinky Dodgers,) and find some way to draw from the Orioles. Which won’t be too hard, seeing as they’re really bad. No doubt, that will make Peter Angelos go ballistic. Recall that he didn’t want the Expos coming to DC because they would draw from his fan base, and he made some outrageous claim along the lines of a $1 billion loss or something. It’s good to see that Angelos is more concerned with a competing team than he is about the fact that his team is getting worse and worse every year. Here’s a hint, Pete – if your team wins, you’ll sell more tickets. However, if you’re really bad, you won’t draw fans to the yard. I think Selig gave him a television network and he shut up.

Bottom line: Jim Bowden can get in the unemployment line now, because he’s about to be out of a job. The fact that the new owners are willing to pay for the Nationals makes me doubt their reasoning skills. But even the most rudimentary rules of business that even the most basic businessman knows dictates that what Bowden is doing to the team – destroying it – is a big no-no. He’ll be fired. Maybe at the end of the season, at the latest.

Strong showing on the comments, guys. Three for all of yesterday. We’re getting there. As far as the posting schedule goes, we’re looking at hopefully seeing something Saturday night or Sunday morning. Then we’ll be back to a daily format until Thursday or Friday, (4th/5th.) After that, we might see short posts like yesterday’s that aren’t too extensive and don’t have a lot to do with specific games until the 10th. I head home from school the night of the 10th (Wednesday,) and after that it won’t be long before the podcasts and website starting coming online. The website can be found at www.baseballradioshow.com. Anyway, I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to think that the next 10 days are gonna be the "new" BHGM – it’s just a short break.

Nats and Pirates

Right now I’m really pushing at the end of school. My last finals, (Calc and Bio) are on May 10th, but I also have a Chem and Calc exam tomorrow. I’m going to be really busy for the majority of the next two weeks. I still plan on making posts, obviously, but I don’t know how regular or of what quality they’ll be. Today is one of those days where, sadly, I don’t have time to write much. Here goes. If any of you non-MLBloggers out there have something you would like to say, email me (link is on the left,) and I might just throw you in as a guest writer.

The Nats are still looking for an owner. They want $450 million. Meanwhile, they’re getting swept by the Reds, recording record (low) attendance numbers, and basically being a downright awful team. According to one of the 19,000 fans that attended Monday’s game, "There was more excitement at Olympic Stadium when Expos fans used to bang the empty seats up and down as noisemakers."

The Pirates have lost 7 games in a row. And they’ve held a lead for exactly 1/2 of an inning, when they scored 3 runs against the Cardinals on Tuesday in the 3rd inning to go up 3-2, only to have 2 runs dropped on them in the bottom of the same inning. They’re now 5-18. They’ve lost 9 of their last 10, have allowed the most runs in all of MLB, and have scored the 6th-fewest as well. They’re ahead of terrible teams like Kansas City (74), San Diego (80), Florida (84) and Oakland (92), with 94 runs scored. With the exception of Oakland (but not really, unless you’re SI, who called them the 2nd best team in MLB,) there really aren’t any shocks there. If you continue up that list, Washington has scored 95 runs, Minnesota has 96, and Boston has 99. Again, no real surprises.

Also, in one of the stupidest acts ever committed on a baseball diamond, Devil Rays minor leaguer Delmon Young flipped his bat after striking out. At the umpire. The bat connected with the ump in the chest. Are you kidding me? That’s assault, bro. Heck, you can get a lengthy suspension for bumping an ump, let alone chucking bats at them. What a psycho.

That’s all for now. Geoff is right, this no comments deal is bs. We’re now at one comment since Tuesday morning, and if Geoff hadn’t stepped up we’d be at 0. That’s really pathetic. I might be back with something on Saturday night, otherwise sometime on Sunday. Tomorrow is my Mother’s birthday, as well as BHGM’s first Birthday. As I’ve said before, I suspect that this is one of the oldest blogs in the Blogosphere, just, no one really knows it.

Midday Quick Shots

Today’s not a big baseball day for me. You regular readers know that Wednesday is my 9hr workday. And in between classes today, I had to write a 5pg math paper. That’s not fun at all. I have a calc and chem exam (9a and 10a, respectively,) on Friday as well, then a Bio focus group, and then home for the Mom’s Birthday. It might get lonely here. That said, a couple interesting things. Some short shots, if you will.

Albion College is nearby to an elementary school. Every day you see little kids walking around the campus in groups of about 60. I don’t know why this happens. Today I got to see them cross the street, military style. Anyone who has seen Black Hawk Down or Band of Brothers knows what I’m talking about. Proper military technique dictates that one soldier cross the road at a time; when he reaches the opposite side, the next soldier does his thing. That’s akin to what I saw today. A whole bunch of 6 year olds, all crossing the street two at a time. Really weird.

If you thought you were going to use the bathroom in my building today, think again. The bathroom is closed, to fix a water problem that I didn’t know existed. Well, that’s not entirely true. I know that there are only two showers with hot water. I know that one of the showers has water pressure. I also know that one shower, (which coincidentally has the hot water and pressure,) went out of commission about two weeks ago because the handle fell off. I also know that none of the water in all of Calhoun County tastes like water. So maybe there is a problem.

There are whispers that the Nationals are about to announce their new owner. MLB has denied the report. Nonetheless, Theodore Lerner’s bid is said to have beat out all others. The Nationals are his, if he wants them. Seeing as All-Star GM Jim Bowden is in the front office, they just got swept by the Reds, and the manager is already taking shots at the team’s record, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned down the franchise. That would hurt.

I’ll try to make another post tonight. I got back from chem lab early today, and tried to watch a baseball game – only to get the slideshow effect from MLB.TV. It’s important to note that this is not MLB.TV’s fault, but Albion College’s fault. The entire 2000-student college has about the same bandwidth as my home network… no joke. There is no segment on comments today because no one left any comments. You guys should be ashamed.

The Nationals and the NL East

XzczlozhFrank Robinson won his 1,000th game as a manager the other night with the Washington Nationals. Well, congratulations. Now, let’s take a look at the Nationals. Before the 2005 season started, things weren’t looking so good – in fact, they were looking awful. MLB had just awarded the team to DC, but then there was the whole issue of how the stadium would be funded. Then it looked like the deal was off. DC had a team for about 12 minutes, before they said, "wait, you’re gonna have to pay for half of the stadium… you’re still coming, right?" to which MLB replied, "Uhh, see ya later."

That was pretty close to being a disaster. Then someone stepped in at the 59th minute of the 11th hour to rescue the team from another disturbing year in Montreal, where they apparently don’t like to play baseball. However, by hiring Jim Bowden as their GM – and no, I don’t know who ‘they’ is, since the Nats still have no owner – they made a colossal mistake. If your goal is to
drive from Detroit to Orlando, you don’t start by shooting holes in your gas tank, slashing your tires, and punching out your headlights. Yet, this is pretty much the handicap the Nationals were forced to deal with when they started – not exactly helpful. For more on why I hate Jim Bowden, check out here. And here, here, here, and of course here. Nonetheless, they beat the odds and shocked millions when they started out the year and carried all the way through the All-Star Break on top of the NL East. Then they found their place and nosedived, managing to finish in last place in the NL East. Now, that was with an 81-81 record, and had they been in the NL West and won exactly two more games, they would’ve walked away with the division. That said, the Nationals haven’t really recovered. In fact, they’ve picked up right where they left off. After they made the mistake of the year by picking up Soriano, which was actually just routine incompetence for Bowden, they started off the regular season losing games again. Actually, they were already working on being bad in Spring Training. After Royce Clayton bobbled a "tailor-made double play
ball," he decided to toss it to Vidro at 2nd, mostly just for fun, since the play was already over. He missed, and Vidro proceeded to literally sulk after the ball as it rolled to third. For a while
it looked like the ball might out ‘run’ Vidro, but he eventually caught
up with it. By then, the Nats had already made 48 errors. Not good.

Ph2005052200834_1Like I said, it was bad news from the get-go. Back to the story of the 1,000th win. Before departing on their current road trip, the Nationals were 2-8. At that pace, Robinson was probably worried that he would have to wait until 2007 to get that win. But, a miracle came in the form of 2 three-game sets against the Marlins and Phillies – or so we were led to believe. The Nationals lost the first game against the Marlins 3-5. In game 2, they just barely squeaked by with a 2-1 win. And, in the all-important game 3, they were able to come out ahead 7-5. Fantastic – you just took 2 of 3 from the worst team in the game and you only managed to out-score them by one run. And so the Nats dragged their 4-9 record to Citizens Bank Park, where they beat a Philly team I had mistaken for a contender, 10-3. Next game, they lose 6-7. Tough. Now Robinson is sitting at win number 999. And the Nats manage to beat on the Phils, 10-4. Robinson has got to be going crazy inside, right? Actually, no. Apparently the post-game ‘celebration’ went something like this, according to Mr. 1,000 himself:

Mitchell Page was shaking my hand after the last out and he said, ‘Congratulations.’ He was holding on to my hand, shaking it. And I told
him, ‘Let go. What are you doing? Let go of my hand.’ He said, ‘Congratulations on your 1,000th win.’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s right.’ It
was the 4-2 road trip I was looking at… I tell you one
thing, they didn’t have the champagne iced down, though, because they
weren’t too sure when the win would come. But it tastes pretty good,
even hot.

So the dude was more excited about taking 4 of 6 from the Marlins and Phillies than he was about winning number 1,000. That’s when you know things aren’t going well. And then, Robinson was ready to take some shots at his team. Speaks for itself, really. The Nats are already having a straight-up bad year, and it’s only April. They’ve got six guys on the DL: Luis Ayala, Ryan Drese, Brian Lawrence, Robert Fick, Cristian Guzman, and Pedro Astacio. The club dodged a huge bullet after Jose "lose the ‘tude" Guillen strained his oblique in BP and had to sit out 6 days. Soriano isn’t doing half bad, and somehow has his average at .299. I know, a really shifty stat in the beginning of the year, but that’s remarkable for Soriano and his career .321 OBP. The problem with the Nats is that they have those holes – and they don’t have a player that can just load up and carry them through a bad stretch, and the team isn’t deep enough to perform consistently.

As for the Mets, I haven’t decided whether they’re for real or not, but they were certainly helped along by their weak schedule. The Braves, on the other hand, haven’t looked good of late, but they still are. Again, baseball’s version of a vampire. Their pitching seems to be back under control. Oh yeah, and after losing to the Mets 3-4 on Monday, they went ahead on them 7-1 and 2-1. Now they’re 8-8. Not dead yet, huh?

Still pissed about the comments. After I called on you guys to post a big 5-spot, you put up a meager three. Three. Now, I know I only gave you about 18 hours. I know the last two posts were a long one-two punch. But three is pathetic. Keep your eyes on the prize, guys. As for John requesting a link to the Greatest Play of All Time – I try to work that in whenever I can. Apparently, that story pretty much has taken on a life of its own. It’s posted on message boards, emails, and is quite a hit on Google. One such email even made its way to Korea. Which is good, because it deserves it. Check it out here. Also, if you ever need it really bad, there’s always the Classic Posts on the sidebar. And the search is working again, (try that out at the bottom of the sidebar.) Good to hear from Jason and Aaron again as well. Obviously Jason is another Yankee guy who made the trip to Toronto. Aaron runs another Tiger blog, for those of you interested.