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Now, obviously I haven’t posted in some time. I made a post on the new site circa opening night, but since MLBlogs was down, I didn’t get to make that post here until now.

Or so I thought.

I am not very fond of the new site redesign at MLBlogs. I understand that with migration come various technical issues. In any case, I simply don’t have the time to mess around with visuals and stuff here right now, so just go to the new site to stay current. As one of the original bloggers who joined in the first week of MLBlogs launch back in like 1998, (but seriously, 2005), I do have a sense of loyalty and will get all this sorted out eventually – especially now that it is free. Hopefully, the long term plan is to keep posting going simultaneously at both sites, something that wasn’t planned when I had to pay to keep this one up.

Check out the new site here:

Right now it is called the Ballhouse. I don’t care for that title, but I had to call it something. So I will continue taking suggestions for new ones. But seriously – check it out, bookmark it, make comments, do what you need to do.