Milton Bradley – Looking for Work

A_bradley_viKansas City, as we know, is not the epicenter of baseball activity. Let’s cut out the superlatives, they’re just really awful.

So, say you’re the general manager of the disaster that is the Royals organization. You’ve got no talent, you’ve got no money, and you’ve got no fans. Then, some guy offers you a veteran outfielder with a career average of .270 for the ridiculously low price of Leo Nunez, him of the 6.99 ERA and 67 career MLB innings. You’re going to want to take that deal no matter what, right? I mean, you can’t even rip someone off like that in fantasy baseball.

And this is exactly what happened when the A’s tried to ship off the ticking firebomb that is Milton Bradley to the Royals. Milton was perfect for this deal. He’s just the fire that KC needs. And we’ll get to that in second. The point is, Kansas City canceled the trade when they discovered Bradley had suffered an oblique injury. This is just nonsense. I don’t care if Milton comes to you with a fractured leg and he’s bleeding from his ears. You take the guy! He’s talent! He’s got to be better than 7 of the guys you’re starting now, easy. And what is your argument for this? That you need a player now, so you’re holding on to Nunez? Nunez isn’t even in the majors. He hasn’t pitched in MLB all year. So even if you have to wait 6 weeks on Bradley, which is generous, he’s still going to give you more than Nunez.

And now Milton is out of luck. No one else is going to take him because he’s about as volatile as jet fuel over an open flame. Only the Royals need talent that bad, and Kansas City is about as small a market you can get, where you can just reasonably hope that when he screws up, no one will notice care. So this was a great deal. But hey, Milton is a full 29 years old, and you never know when he might be a worse bet in the outfield then Emil Brown or David DeJesus. Or any of the 9 guys on your DL. Mark Teahen (RF) can actually hit, but you can always send him back to 3B and kick out Alex Gordon. But now, for fun, let’s explore the dangerous world of Milton Bradley:

  • April 2004: Indians trade Milton Bradley to make room for Coco Crisp.
  • June 2004: Ejected by Terry Craft, Bradley leaves his equipment in the box and returns to chuck a bag of balls on the field. Suspended 4 games.
  • September 2004: Fan throws plastic bottle on field. Bradley responds by throwing plastic bottle violently at man nowhere near original launch site. Suspended 5 games.
  • November 2004: Police pull over Bradley’s "friend." Bradley stops alongside his friend on the highway, and approaches police yelling, "why did you stop my friend." Officer: "Return to your vehicle." Milton: [Hands behind back] "Arrest me." Officer: "Alright, let’s go to jail." Served 3 days in the slammer.
  • August 2005: Calls Jeff Kent a racist.

So, yeah. There’s really no telling when Milton is going to strike next. Or where, for that matter. And the Royals canceled on their chance to get a hold of this gem of a guy? Why?




    So, apparently, this qualifies as “reporting” or as a “story?” This is, without a doubt, the most idiotic, ridiculous and most ineptly written thing I’ve ever seen on this here internet. Perhaps, as you’re sponsored by MLB, you can do us all a favor and stop writing until you master a few basic principles:

    1) Understand that when people read your blog, they can expect some sense of direction. You lazily meander from the idiotic (Royals bad, Milton good, Royals need Milton, derrrrrr) to the profane (his litany of on and off-field incidents), and do not bother to bring the reader along with you.

    2) Maybe you should, as a cursory favor to your audience (if not an exercise in enlightenment and understanding for yourself) examine what the Royals current roster (most specifically their outfield/DH positions) look like. In the outfield, the Royals have David DeJesus, a fine young player they’re trying to figure out (is he a viable leadoff hitter/CF?); they have young stud Mark Teahen (Royals 2006 POY) entrenched in right (though he may return to the infield) and they have employed Emil Brown for far too long in left. Seems like there’s room for Milton, right? Wrong. Considering the Royals still have Reggie Sanders under contract, and are trying to figure out where uber prospect Billy Butler will play in the field (if at all), the picture becomes less clear. Add Joey Gathwright to the mix, in addition to Shane Costa and any one of a host of minor league prospects to the mix, and the Royals, clearly, have no room for Milton Bradley. Most importantly, they have no NEED.

    3) You contradict yourself unknowingly. You speak some half-truths about the Royals (they do have some talent (see Buck, John), and they do have some money (see Meche, Gil)) and then foolishly say they should add Milton. But let me ask you this, *****, why would you take a locker room cancer like Milton and add him to the young, developing Royals nucleus? What sense does it make to take a franchise which, for the first time in years, is actually rebuilding, and add someone with diminishing abilities and questionable character? How does this make sense?

    Your lack of research (you clearly did not examine the Royals roster) and your lack of direction are shameful. I realize in this fast paced world of online publishing that getting something (anything, apparently) online is paramount to job security, but it would be nice to see someone in your position actually write a comprehensible examination of the trade rather than blast it’s surface details. For such an examination, I’d recommend Joe Posnanski’s recent piece about the trade in the KC Star.

    Hopefully your next piece will be better, but even if it is it will escape my gaze.


    Well, there’s already an excellent rebuttal above but I would like to reiterate it would be nice if you did any actual, you know, research on the Royals before you wrote about them.

    For what reason would the Royals add Milton Bradley to an already crowded outfield when there’s no chance of winning anything this year anyway? Is he a good player? Yes. Could he be a better option than some of the current outfielders? Sure. Would adding him do anything to help the team longterm? I don’t see it.


    whoa whoa whoa ********, everyone calm down for a minute. blogs are not newspapers, blogs are fun spins on daily news stories. deadspin is the most popular sports blog, and do you take everything they say seriously?***** your structural critique, it’s not the new york times. and if you want to get into it, I live in tampa bay and watched joey gathright’s trade value fall from talks about ervin santana to the thumb-up-their-***** deal that the rays made to send him over to kc. he’s fast, he’s not a good baseball player. i would have taken milton bradley and his attitude at any given moment that gathright was trying to become a staple in the rays outfield. billy butler, having played against him multiple times in high school, will never be a solid professional outfielder. he’s too bulky, too slow, and not coordinated enough in his ball-tracking. he either sticks at 1st base, or if their is any logic in the royals organization, they make him a career dh to prolong his lifespan in the majors and take advantage of the only really miraculous skill he has: hitting. you can list off all the minor leaguers you want, milton bradley has proven himself to be an effective, if volatile, player in the major leagues. minor leaguers are minor leaguers, you can’t argue potential performance over proven ability. does throwing a bag of baseballs on the field ruin team chemistry? or does it make milton’s teammates laugh? his 4-game suspension was 1/40th of the season, not a big deal. the only thing he has done that had a direct effect on team chemistry was calling jeff kent a racist, and on that note we all need to realize something: jeff kent is a ******* racist. get off your high horse, stop with the completely ludicrous notion that blogs need to be scholarly works, thoroughly reviewed for grammatical and intellectually driven discursive purposes. get out of your mom’s basement and go watch knocked up or some ****, learn what a joke is. then learn what proven major league talent holds over the promise of potential. then **** it.

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