Are John Kruk and Steve Phillips stupid?

94jkruk_1First things first. I was watching the clowns on Baseball Tonight again and John Kruk said, "let’s face it, we all know baseball isn’t a hard game athletically." Really? I’m smart. Are you saying I could go out and hit 50 bombs at the Major League level? Just because you’re big, and you made it to the bigs, doesn’t mean baseball isn’t a sport. I might be taking him a bit too literally, but I’m sick of Kruk, and I’m sick of Steve Phillips’ funky math numbers. He’s even worse. Let’s do some Steve Phillips’ Fun with Numbers: last year, he predicted that Jose Reyes would have a coming-out year – which I believed would happen, and did – and that he would hit 30 triples and steal 35 bases. What the eff is he talking about? When was the last time someone hit 30 triples? Never, I don’t think. As it turned out, Reyes hit 17 triples and stole 60 bases – leading the league in both categories, and off nearly 100% – in both directions! – from Phillips’ predictions. For the record, Ty Cobb – 2nd on the all-time list of triples leaders – hit 24 triples in his best two seasons, in 1911 and 1917. Just in case you weren’t ready to go out and kick him already, Phillips then went on to predict that Corey Patterson would hit 40HR and get 140RBI’s from the leadoff spot. Of course, Patterson got sent down to AAA last year, but he did manage to hit for 13HR and 34RBI’s while at the MLB level. And the 140RBI’s were just about as ridiculous as the ’30 triples’ shot he launched – only three guys had more than 140RBI’s last year; Ortiz, Manny, and Teixeira. Corey Patterson is never going to be the Dark Horse that sneaks in and wins that race. You’re an idiot, Steve. And so are you, John.

That said, I still don’t have my MLB.TV fixed, which is why I have to watch BT. I’m calling support tomorrow. However, I found myself sitting through some incredibly boring Biology research presentations yesterday for a few hours – as it happened, during Tigers gametime. My presentation was on the relation of soil pH to the size of trees within an abandoned quarry. Like I said – really boring. I checked the score of the Tigers v. Sox game, and that’s when I got pissed. We dropped one today, 5-3. You know what that means, right? Tiger’s are gonna drop the next 5, or at least 5 of 7. That’s what happens in Detroit, I can’t explain it.

Anyone see Mulder’s bomb? I love watching pitchers jerk it out of the yard. Equally amazing was Jim Edmond’s catch. It looked like a sliding backhand between the knees or something. Can’t find the video anywhere. I’m calling MLB at 11.30a tomorrow morning to fix this up, because I can’t handle it anymore. I’m dying here – MLB.TV is killing me. That’s sad. PS – I also got an email from them yesterday, not in response to my numerous email support requests, but giving me the weekly MLB.TV lineup. In other words, they had the courtesy to e-mail me so they could tell me, ‘yeah, we know you’ve subscribed and you’re paying, but we’re still screwing you. Here’s what you could be watching if we were fixing your problem instead of goofing off! Bend over.’ Meanwhile I’m stuck listening to Baseball Tonight and their silly ‘analysis.’ Harold something or other tried to explain to me how Eric Chavez is on fire now because he got his ‘timing kick’ down earlier in Spring Training. Huh? He’s a good hitter, and he’s just hot now, ok?



  1. Julien

    I remember before the 2004 Homerun derby in Houston on the Baseball Tonight All-Star edition, Kruk said that homeun hitters of the current era are the best athletes around…he went on to talk about their regimens and workouts for about 2 mins…what’s going on with him? You’re right I’m tired of people who claim baseball isn’t athletic. It’s even more irritating when such claims are coming form people who “supposedly know the game”. Baseball is the best game around; athleticism, reflex, speed, power and strategy.
    Best regards,


  2. Jason

    Those two are about as useful to quality baseball commentary as two bags of smashed a$$holes. Between “Half in the Bag” Kruk and “Pretend GM” Phillips, they compose half a functioning brain. The worst thing ESPN may have ever done is to pad their summer programming with those fake GM-of-the-day spots, with Phillips pretending to be the GM of a MLB team, doing nothing but dodge puff questions from real (and no doubt jaded) sports journalists and try to relive his rotten salad days as GM. Horrible.

    Excellent blog, and keep up the good work.


    I think that Steve Phillips should shut up. This guy just said that the Yankees and Mets have no chance at making the playoffs this year. I don’t know where espn get these guys how could you trust what this guy says this is the same guy who brought Mo Vaughn to the mets and Reberto Alamar to the mets both of whom were already on there way out the door. So he should stick to what he does best and thats shutting his **** mouth…

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